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Ocean Outdoors Competition.jpg

NatWest x Ocean Outdoors competition 


Content Creation

[Created at The&Partnership]

Competition Overview

An entry into the annual Ocean Outdoor competition which invites ideas specifically to brands we work on (In this case NatWest Group) on how to leverage the evolution of the the digital display screen channel, technology and the combined power of DOOH and social media platforms to amplify campaigns and interactive with passerbys more. 

Our Solution

Our solution saw us target the NatWest youth audience and the continuing work the brand is doing with Marcus Rashford within its Thrive program (a program aimed to boost money awareness and confidence with children and teenagers). Money Keepy-Uppies was created to be an interactive experience in which players could interact with the DOOH screens and its technology, to learn about saving goals whilst having fun kicking a virtual football and doing keepy-uppies supported and cheered on by Marcus Rashford himself.   


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