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RBS & NatWest-
Switcher Campaign 


Campaign Creation

[Created at The&Partnership]

Switcher RBS OOH 3.jpg
Switcher RBS OOH 2.jpg
The Brief 

The brief was to create both an above and below-the-line campaign to encourage both NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland customers to Switch current accounts with a monetary reward of £150 be offering for those who did so. 

Royal Bank of Scotland 

We tapped into the insight of expressions of absolute joy in which we all experience when we get a little over-excited by the smallest of wins from incentives, offers and benefit's and bonuses they all count to making us happier. A third execution was also created to highlight to consumers the Switcher offer was time limited and was running out. The execution featuring Patch the dog was used to create OOH collateral to the in with the social media work.           


Our executions span the joy and happiness which is experienced when you open a new account and receive your monetary reward and another proof point of how easy it is to switch account using the CASS service. Similar to the Royal Bank of Scotland approach a social execution showing the time sensitive nature of the offer was also created.  

Additional NatWest concept

On top of the NatWest creative produced we also pitched a concept around Kennings. Kennings are figures of speech in which two words are combined
to inform an expression usually poetic that can either refer to a person, idea or object eg a "Whale-road" is
a kenning for the sea.  Using Kennings we created a series of tactical location specific executions highlighting that switching is for everyone - no matter who or where you're at in life from people using buses to the underground NatWest Switcher service is for everyone.    



Switcher RBS OOH.jpg
Switcher NW Spec OOH 3.jpg
Switcher NW Spec OOH 2.jpg
Switcher NW Spec OOH 1.jpg
Switcher NW Spec Social.jpg
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