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Worldwide Cancer Research

Content Creation

[Created at Innovation Digital]

 Created as part of a cross-agency collaboration with JamHot 


Worldwide Cancer Research, a small independent cancer research charity, approached us to create a social media campaign to boost brand awareness and highlight their recent rebrand.


Our campaign idea surrounded the notion that the first steps, e.g. research, are the most important when it comes to finding a cure to cancer, and subsequently, without public donations the vital research the charity supports wouldn’t be able to take place. 


We created a suite of social media assets, notably Facebook, using elements of the brand video (watch here) to elevate and position our idea of the first steps being most important in cancer research. We used this visual style to promote both brand awareness and then later, to drive donations.


In response to the charity’s launch videos, we devised a secondary route focusing on the human impact the charity has on people and, in this case, a gentleman called Adam. 

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