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Colmans English Mustard

Campaign Creation

Colmans English Mustard.jpg
Colmans English Mustard2.jpg

Colman’s mustard is an English kitchen staple, however with the condiment market being saturated with new flavours from around the world, Colman’s needs to re-establish itself in the marketplace and attract a younger demographic.


In the 1920s, Colman’s launched the first integrated campaign of its kind with a fictitious club, The Mustard Club that Colman’s users could join and engage with. It was highly successful campaign with more than 500,000 members.


Tying in with modern day trends of nostalgia and the “foodie” culture, Colman’s is re-establishing The Mustard Club for the modern day digital consumer. Reworking the past rules and teaser advertisements to suit the desires of consumers today. 

[Created out with work]

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