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Perform Panel

Content Creation

[Created at Innovation Digital]

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We were approached by Perform Panel, a market leader in the bathroom wall panel market, to create a digital marketing campaign using the brands’ social media channels to highlight and raise brand awareness as a high-quality alternative to wall tiles. 


Within the saturated home improvements marketplace, we felt the creative would have to be different to stand out and make an impression on the target audiences. We created three separate suites of social media assets, which were each underpinned by genuine insight into our three core target audiences.


Trade - Seek a high-quality product with a tile-like finish, which is cost and time-efficient to fit and move on their next job quickly.

Merchants - Want a quality “thoroughbred” product that’s always well stocked and from a reliable stock supplier. 


General Public - People are always on the lookout for the latest trends for their homes as they are with the latest fashion trends.

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